London Street Photography – Nighthawks

Street photography can be a strange and intimidating experience. One technique you can try to make it easier and more focused is to set out with a specific subject in mind and then allow the shots to form around that.  In this case I chose shop fronts at night which was inspired by the famous painting ‘Nighthawks’ by Edward Hopper which can be seen here

Choosing a subject like this allows you to capture some good street photos without appearing obvious and looking for interesting shops to photograph will keep you alert.  Here are a few I took last year (click on the photo to see full size) and the Nighthawks project is ongoing.  All photos taken with a Fujifilm X-T1 and 18-55mm zoom lens.

London Street Photography

Breadline Cafe, Duncannon Street, London

London Street Photography

Man and Pig

London Street Photography

Poppies in Camden Town

London Street Photography

James Smith & Sons, New Oxford Street

London Street Photography

Bolongaro Trevor – Earlham Street

London Street Photography

Dean Street Express

About photoponica

A documentary style photographer - started with film now shooting digital with the Fuji X system.
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6 Responses to London Street Photography – Nighthawks

  1. Melissa says:

    These are all gorgeous. Loving from field to table and Poppies the most though!

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  3. Chuck Haupt says:

    Mark…great work, would love to share your photos on a online zine! Please contact me.

  4. Luis CS (Lisbon, Portugal) says:

    Good pictures – but I feel that they would look even better in colour. Maybe it is just me. I really love black-and-white photography, but think that in reality most subjects work better in colour. Some subjects, such as portraits and simple compositions – richer in contrasts that in details – can often work better in black-and-white. In particular, I have the feeling that probably the first two would look even better in colour, while the last one works better in black-and-white.

    • photoponica says:

      Thanks for the feedback – it is often difficult to decide which way to go. As a rule of thumb I only use colour where it adds something extra to the photo but in the end it all comes down to personal taste and there is no right or wrong.

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